Poetry Duet titled Plea by Priestopeace and Sir. Tomisin Eshton

Duet by Priestopeace and Sir. Tomisin Eshton PLEA Priestopeace. There existed a sweet small boy, Lost to the city of faraway, Used to be laughter when they all gather- But many times he was thrown on rejection soil, His legs went everywhere; tears made their way, To be loved and not loathed, His plea was…

Haiku 31 By TaekPoet

Haiku 31 I was in a dream Where blue butterflies exist As leaves turn to blue

Haiku 29 By TaekPoet

Haiku 29 Don’t leave the leaves that Is falling down from the tree And keep nature clean. ©TaekPoet

Haiku 28 by TaekPoet

Haiku 28 O’ I am dying Save me I am drowning In the deadly sea ©TAEKPOET 2018

REBIRTH 29 By TaekPoet

REBIRTH 29 By TaekPoet O’ Lord We’ve waited for so long, for today to come It’s by your power will witness it Do Forgive us both now and hereafter. Ameen 2018 #Rebirth #ISWOT #Halalwriters #RamadanLiteraryChallenge

REBIRTH 28 By TaekPoet

REBIRTH 28 By TaekPoet It’s almost time As the moon is getting set • Ramadan will be over soon Alhamdulillah we keep saying..   2018 #Rebirth #ISWOT #Halalwriters #RamadanLiteraryChallenge

REBIRTH 27 By TaekPoet

REBIRTH 27 By TaekPoet O’ Allah do Forgive us and protect us against Evil. O’ Allah with you our heart fills with happiness. It’s almost time and as we pray to see the last day of it. 2018 #Rebirth #ISWOT #Halalwriters #RamadanLiteraryChallenge


FRIDAY RUSH DUET TITLED UNDER THE SKIN Look at me And tell me what you see? Beneath my smooth skin I love the shade of your black skin Before you turn it to shameless •TAEKPOET• Under the clay; the creativity of a Potter who breath life into his art. Lives a soul and a spirit,…

POETRY COMPETITION: Annual Sir Tomisin Eshton Poetry Competition (STEP)

STEP COMPETITION GROUP  Annual Sir Tomisin Eshton Poetry Competition is a competition that gives all writers a platform to express his/herself in the art of poetry. It’s a first and it certainly won’t be the last. LATE REGISTRATION AND SUBMISSION WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Mode of Registration Step 1. Like the page Wittywords on facebook or…

REBIRTH 26 By TaekPoet HAIKU 27

REBIRTH 26 By TaekPoet HAIKU 27 What a perfect date We read the Holy Qu’ran As it gives us joy. 2018 #Rebirth #ISWOT #Halalwriters #RamadanLiteraryChallenge

REBIRTH 25 By TaekPoet Haiku 26

REBIRTH 25 By TaekPoet Haiku 26 And here in this world Allah is enough for me Alhamdulillah 2018 #Rebirth #ISWOT #Halalwriters #RamadanLiteraryChallenge